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By Melanie Reist, Lawyer

In the spring of 2012, I was privileged to be part of the committee that put together a two-day special lecture series on employment law and the new workplace in the social media age.   We spent two days on a variety of topics ranging from privacy issues, social media network recruiting, social media policies, injunctive relief against departing employees, and cause for termination.  We continue to see interesting workplace scenarios play themselves out in court and in labour arbitrations.

By Morrison Reist

The Ontario Bar Association has named Morrison Reist partner, Melanie Reist recipient of the 2017 OBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award.


The Award was established in 2013 by the Ontario Bar Association’s Labour and Employment Law Section in honour of the late Justice Echlin, former Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and leading member of the employment and labour bar. 

By Charles Morrison, Lawyer

Our court system is lengthy, document intensive and complicated.  Many of those in court are representing themselves.  It’s a difficult challenge to understand court procedure, keep up with the documentation and court appearances especially if there is a lawyer on the other side, but even in cases where neither party has a lawyer.

By Melanie Reist, Lawyer


One of the most difficult areas we confront as employment lawyers is the flow of medical information when managing issues of accommodation for people with disabilities.

It is important for employers and employees to understand their obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code (“Code”).

By Charles Morrison, Lawyer

In family law things change.  In particular, support orders change over time.  Mothers, fathers, husbands and wives change jobs.  Their incomes change.  Children who are once dependant become independent.  Special expenses for children under Guideline legislation changes.  These and other circumstances that occur in the ordinary year by year life of a separated family require review and recalculation of child support and spousal support provisions in court orders and in separation agreements.

By Charles Morrison, Lawyer

In family law, whether we’re in court or negotiating a settlement without court, we spend a lot of time on financial disclosure. This is particularly important when dealing with support or property issues. We and our client need to understand the opposite party’s finances including their income, expenses assets and debts. They need to understand ours. We require accurate and reliable information including supporting documents before either of us are in a position to bargain fairly and hopefully settle.

By Pamela Krauss, Lawyer

On International Women’s Day 2016 the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a policy position on gender specific dress codes encouraging employees to bring complaints of unequal treatment forward and encouraging employers to be proactive in rethinking mandated sexy dress codes in the workplace.