Family Law

Most of our family law clients seek help over separation and divorce issues.  Some clients come to us thinking that divorce is the big hurdle.  We explain that separation brings with it a number of issues to settle, the most important of which we describe as “kids, money and property”.   If you settled these issues fairly and according to law, divorce is the easy part. If not, then the divorce can be delayed.

Settling ‘kids, money and property’ involves more than simply writing out an agreement.  As experienced family law lawyers, we make sure that you know your legal rights and obligations as we work through your case. You should have proper and detailed financial information so that you can make informed decisions.  You should have at your disposal various options and we help you make the right choices.   There should be discussion, negotiation and even some brainstorming. The written agreement comes out of this process.

If you have children, we discuss custody, visitation rights (access) and child support.  Whether or not there are children, we deal with property division and what is to happen to the home.  There may be spousal support issues.  Each family’s situation is unique and we help you put together all the puzzle pieces that are important in your life. We review and explain to you the law surrounding these key issues.  We help find ways to settle them.  We look for practical solutions.

An increasing number of our clients are about to marry or live common-law, often for a ‘second time’. They too request help in designing cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts to protect their financial interests.

We also provide representation to persons involved in child welfare court proceedings involving Children’s Aid Societies.

Charles Morrison has been practicing family law for over thirty years. In addition to negotiating separation agreements, he regularly appears at the Ontario Court of Justice as well as the Superior Court of Justice locally and beyond. For many years, Charles has also served as a Deputy Judge in the Kitchener Small Claims Court.

As a panel member of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer he also represents children in court proceedings. He has trained as a mediator and has been heavily involved in Collaborative Family Law. (We’re enthusiastic about Collaborative Family Law! - elsewhere in our website, we tell you why.)    We believe that “no two family law cases are the same”. That is what makes the practice of family law so interesting and challenging.

On family law matters we offer a reduced rate for the first hour's consultation (excluding Independent Legal Advice and EAP referrals).